Product Liability

Defending your products and your business.

As product liability claims multiply, many companies rely on Coughlin Midlige & Garland to defend their products and their businesses aggressively.

Collectively, our lawyers have handled thousands of cases for product manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and their insurers, ranging from individual suits to multi-plaintiff consolidated matters to class actions. We understand and marshal the disciplines of law, science, and engineering to defend successfully the design and manufacture of our clients' products, as well as the warnings associated with those products, in courts throughout New Jersey and across the country.

Our Capabilities

We offer broad expertise across a range of industries. Our product liability experience extends across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, fire suppression systems, alarm and signaling systems, airline service equipment, commercial and recreational vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, construction and industrial equipment, asbestos, chemicals and chemical compounds, consumer products, electronics and electrical equipment, elevators, beauty supplies, flavors and fragrances, food and food service equipment, hand and power tools, household products, material handling equipment, lawn mowers, and playground equipment. Regardless of the specific product or industry, we bring a deep understanding of the nuances of product liability claims and defenses.

Some of our present and recent engagements in product liability matters include:

  • Acting as regional counsel for a major international pharmaceutical manufacturer for non-mass tort product liability claims on the East Coast from Maryland to New England.
  • Serving as New Jersey counsel for a major manufacturer of medical and surgical devices.
  • Acting as New Jersey and regional counsel for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of alarm and signaling equipment.
  • Acting as New Jersey and regional counsel for a leading manufacturer of fire-suppression equipment and systems.
  • Defending a leading manufacturer of airline service equipment in product liability claims in New York and New Jersey.
  • Serving as national coordinating counsel on behalf of an international flavor and fragrance manufacturer in litigation involving popcorn flavoring.
  • Representing one of the world's leading manufacturers of material-handling equipment in product liability cases in state and federal court in New Jersey.
  • Defending one of the largest international consumer products companies in litigation involving a host of household and consumer products.
  • Representing a manufacturer of zinc oxide in a workplace exposure matter involving dozens of different chemicals and chemical compounds.
  • Defending a manufacturer of industrial shipping containers against claims of product contamination due to improper container design.
  • Defending a major honey-packing company in lawsuits alleging exposure to contaminants.

We provide experienced and aggressive litigation defense. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have actively litigated in the state and federal trial and appellate courts in New Jersey, New York, and a host of other jurisdictions across the country. Drawing on our deep fund of experience in electronic discovery and document production, fact-gathering and witness interviews, written and deposition discovery, expert retention and development, and written and oral advocacy, we skillfully prepare our clients' cases for trial, zealously defend their products in the courtroom, and employ creative methodologies to alternative dispute resolution. Regardless of whether we are facing a modest, single-plaintiff claim or a high-profile, bet-the-company lawsuit, we have the resources and experience necessary for an aggressive, comprehensive, yet cost-effective defense of our clients' interests.

We emphasize litigation-avoidance counseling. Our help to product manufacturers is not limited to when litigation arises. We routinely advise and counsel clients on ways to diffuse disputes prior to litigation and to minimize their risk of future claims.

Some of our recent engagements in this area include:

  • Review and revision to information supplied in material safety data sheets for chemical manufacturers.
  • Review and comment on design issues and warnings for equipment manufacturers.
  • Review and comment on product safety programs.